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Amended Purchasing Policy


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Staff Report

The State Audit report Section 4 was critical of the current Harrisonville purchasing policy and I am bringing a revised purchasing policy for your approval.  With review help from Attorney Fairfield, we are establishing this policy outside of the code book but it will be published on the website and can only be amended by approval of the Board.

This policy establishes the following:

1.  Sets up three different purchasing categories depending on the purchasing amount and the requirements for staff to make purchases in those ranges.

2.  Establishes a procedure for procuring professional and maintenance services as recommended by the Audit.

3.  Establishes  a change order policy as recommended by the Audit.

4.  Establishes a procedure for selling unused equipment online.

5.  Is a blend of the best parts of the current policy and the proposed policy.  The proposed language has been vetted by two different attorneys prior to this version and has been determined to follow state statute requirements.

Meeting History

Oct 24, 2017 6:00 PM  Finance/Personnel Committee Regular Meeting

Administrator Welch presented amendments to policy that City Attorney John Fairfield had reviewed.

MOVER:Clint Long, Member
SECONDER:Brad Bockelman, Member
AYES:Brian Hasek, Clint Long, Brad Bockelman, Judy Reece
ABSENT:David Dickerson