Historic Preservation Commission

Regular Meeting

City Hall

August 2, 2017

12:00 PM

1.              Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:05 PM by Chair David Atkinson

Attendee Name





David Atkinson





Julie Cooper





Claudia Kauzlarich




12:10 PM

Bill Woods





April McLaughlin





Ed Long





Nancy Linthicum





Also in attendance David Dickerson, Alderman Liason; Jim Clarke, Community/Economic Development Director; Happy Welch, City Administrator; Dennis Minich, Harrisonville Star; Jamie Martin, Recording Secretary.

2.              Public Participation

3.              Approval of Minutes

1.              Historic Preservation Commission - Regular Meeting - Jul 12, 2017 12:00 PM

With no additions or corrections, the July 12, 2017, minutes were approved as written.


MOVER:              Bill Woods

SECONDER:              April McLaughlin, Vice-Chair

AYES:              Atkinson, Cooper, Kauzlarich, Woods, McLaughlin, Linthicum

ABSENT:              Ed Long

4.              Certificate of Appropriateness

April McLaughlin - Windows

1.              April McLaughlin - Windows

April McLaughlin stated she would like to replace her second floor windows. They would be identical to the windows that are already there. The trim will also match the existing color.

April McLaughlin abstained from voting.

RESULT:              APPROVED [5 TO 0]

MOVER:              David Atkinson, Chair

SECONDER:              Nancy Linthicum

AYES:              Atkinson, Cooper, Kauzlarich, Woods, Linthicum

ABSTAIN:              April McLaughlin

ABSENT:              Ed Long

5.              Discussion Items

1.              CLG Agreement

Chairman Atkinson brought in photos from an event on May 1, 1919, on the Harrisonville Square. The photos were of the US Army Battle Tank as it made its way through the square.


Jim Clarke introduced the Summer Intern Madeline Shcarig to the committee. Madeline explained the Certified Local Government Agreement that was signed in 1993. She stated that points 5, 6 and 7 were the most important. Point 5 states that if we have a nomination for a property, it has to be submitted to SHPO within 60 days. Point 6 states that an annual report of the commissions activities during the past year need to be submitted to SHPO within 60 days of Sept.30, which is the end of the fiscal year.  Point 7 states that each commission member needs to attend at least one informational/educational meeting a year.

2.              Guildelines for Participation

Madeline suggested that the commission read through the Guidelines for Participation in Missouri's CLG Program to get reaquainted with them.

3.              HPC Future tasks and course

Madeline has been in close contact with Mary Sayers, the Historic Preservation Outreach & Education Coordinator, with the State Historic Preservation Office. They have discussed the tasks to keep the commission in compliance. She has stated that the commission needs to meet at least once a quarter even if there are no pending agenda items.

April McLaughlin asked if that was in a calendar year or if it is the fiscal that ends in September. Madeline has said she will ask that question to clarify for the commission.

4.              Questions and Answers about CLG Grants

Chairman Atkinson asked if there are fees paid to be part of the CLG. Happy Welch responded that there are no fees, the CLG sets the guidelines to be followed. The CLG opens up opportunities for grants from SHPO.

April McLaughlin mentioned that she and Happy Welch attended a Main Street Connection conference that also opens up a lot of options for grants.

5.              Conducting Effective commission Meetings and Making Design Review Judgements

Jim Clarke asked the commission to read through this information.

6.              Resignation

Nancy Linthicum informed the commission that this was her last meeting. She is resigning from the commission as she is moving out of Harrisonville city limits. The board will nominate a new commission member at a later date.

6.              Adjourn

With no further business to come before the commission, Claudia Kauzlarich made a motion to adjourn and Julie Cooper seconded. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 12:44 PM.



Brian Hasek, Mayor & Ex-Officio

Chairman of the Board of Aldermen






Randall K. Jones, City Clerk